Famous Stones

All that stones, collected over the years. You pick them up & you want to remember a certain situation. A walk at the beach, a journey. But later you simply don’t know which stone belongs to which memory. They are quite useless. Perfect for making art…

La Mer

La Mer is a series of works on mounted slides, made of various materials. They remind me somehow of underwater experiences, fluid imaginations. So I named them „La Mer“…

German Landscapes Revisited

„German Landscapes Revisited“ exist of 80 slide frames, with collages of 1960s slides. The work examines stereotypes of german landscapes and asks: Are these mashups still landscapes, are they still german? This series was first shown at Jahresauststellung Lübecker Künstler 2019 at the Schuppen 6.

Evil Liquids

Evil Liquis is a series of photos form – well – liquids, looking quite evil to me… For example, photos from perfume flasks. I am working on this series continuously.

Battle For Filly Castle

„Filly Pferde“ are a quite popular toy for girls in germany. They are pink, they have wings and they live in Filly Castle. Reason enough for me, to send a army of bugs to destroy the kitsch…

The Flowers

In „The Flowers“ I arrange artifical flowers next to natural flowers in a natural surrounding. Actually „the natural surrounding“ is the forrest, I use to practice running for almost 20 years…

Solaris 2

Solaris 2 consists of a 60 „photoslides“, for more information see Solaris 1

Solaris 1

Solaris 1 consists of a 80 „photoslides“, shown on a slideprojector. However, the slides are no photoslides, but various materials combined on slideframes. I manipulated the materials like scotchtape, honey, nail polish, bubble wrap etc., often in a microwave…

Museumsnacht 2015

The Lübeck Muna 2015 for took place in an former Bang & Olufson Showroom. I showed an installation of photoslides on a Kodak Caroussell Projector, i.e. the Patchworks Of The Past. DokuMuNa-2015-sm

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