Basic Statement

My work is of narrative nature, it opens up a space from which the recipient can think ahead. The works contain one (or more) questions that you can talk about. Mostly my questions research the relationships between reality and possible reality, between sign and matter.

Narrative Projektionen. Gollan Kulturwerft. 2021.

Im Juni 2021 stellte ich mit Künstlerkollegen in der Gollan Kulturwerft aus. Meine Installation trug den Titel „Narrative Projektionen“. Auf einen Overheadprojektor hatte ich die Scherben einer Bleikristallschale gelegt. Die Projektion ging über Boden, Wände und Decke. Drei großformatige Infotafeln schlugen dem Rezipienten ein Narrativ vor: Die Glaskunst der Familie … Continue reading

Famous Stones

All that stones, collected over the years. You pick them up & you want to remember a certain situation. A walk at the beach, a journey. But later you simply don’t know which stone belongs to which memory. They are quite useless. Perfect for making art…

La Mer

La Mer is a series of works on mounted slides, made of various materials. They remind me somehow of underwater experiences, fluid imaginations. So I named them „La Mer“…

German Landscapes Revisited

„German Landscapes Revisited“ exist of 80 slide frames, with collages of 1960s slides. The work examines stereotypes of german landscapes and asks: Are these mashups still landscapes, are they still german? This series was first shown at Jahresauststellung Lübecker Künstler 2019 at the Schuppen 6.

Evil Liquids

Evil Liquis is a series of photos form – well – liquids, looking quite evil to me… For example, photos from perfume flasks. I am working on this series continuously.

Battle For Filly Castle

„Filly Pferde“ are a quite popular toy for girls in germany. They are pink, they have wings and they live in Filly Castle. Reason enough for me, to send a army of bugs to destroy the kitsch…

The Flowers

In „The Flowers“ I arrange artifical flowers next to natural flowers in a natural surrounding. Actually „the natural surrounding“ is the forrest, I use to practice running for almost 20 years…

Solaris 2

Solaris 2 consists of a 60 „photoslides“, for more information see Solaris 1

Solaris 1

Solaris 1 consists of a 80 „photoslides“, shown on a slideprojector. However, the slides are no photoslides, but various materials combined on slideframes. I manipulated the materials like scotchtape, honey, nail polish, bubble wrap etc., often in a microwave…

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