My Matchbox Cars In Dangerous Situations

The series “Meine Matchboxautos in gefährlichen Situationen” (my matchbox cars in dangerous situations) came up from the desire to construct situations like the ones I created in my childhood: rather wild combinations of matchbox cars, puppets, building blocks and so on. In my series, I combine them with toys my son used to play with. So there is a line from the past into the present. And you are right – timelines are flowing into each other and creating a special moment. And this is because while one plays, he is out of time and out of space. Nevertheless, the situations refer to games that have played before, to games at all. The works of this series remain in abeyance. Because the relationships of the elements in the dangerous situations to one other are doubtful, they have a certain degree of freedom to interact. But I make a suggestion – at least these are dangerous situations