Basic Statement

My work is of narrative nature, it opens up a space from which the recipient can think ahead. The works contain one (or more) questions that you can talk about. Mostly my questions research the relationships between reality and possible reality, between sign and matter. You can say: I am suggesting a narrative. And as well: I am creating a situation. Some situations do not seem to be possible (like “Moving Cities) at all and some fictions seem to be more attractive than the real history (Genealogy). Some fiction I created (like the series “Entertainments”, the name basing on David Foster Wallace character “James O. Incandenca”, an underground director in his novel “Infinite Jest”) is drawing dystopian stories of the future. The series is examining the way we are constructing future and especially failed futures. What kind of signs do we prefer? And can I overwrite a special sign, which is usually used in another context? That’s what I am doing, and I call it art.